Package com.meshdynamics.api

Interface Summary
NMS.ConnectedDevice Defines the properties of all devices connected to a NMS.Node
NMS.NeighborNode Defines the properties of all neighbor nodes detected by a NMS.Node
NMS.Network The Network interface defines all properties and actions associated with a mesh network.
NMS.NetworkListener The NetworkListener interface is used to receive events on a mesh network.
NMS.Node The Node interface defines all the properties and actions that can be carried out on a mesh node.
NMS.Thread.Runnable The Runnable interface is implemented by any class whose instances are executed by a thread.

Class Summary
NMS NMS is the primary class for using the Meshdynamics Network Management System (NMS) API.
NMS.ACLConfiguration Defines the Access Control List configuration for a node.
NMS.ACLEntry Defines an Access Control List entry.
NMS.EffistreamRule Defines a Effistream QoS rule.
NMS.GeneralConfiguration Defines all Node level fields used by a NMS.Node.
NMS.Hashtable The Hashtable class provides an implementation of a Hashtable of generic 'Object' keys and generic 'Object' values.
NMS.InterfaceConfiguration Defines the interface level settings for a NMS.Node.
NMS.ObjectArray The ObjectArray class provides an interface to a growable array that stores object references.
NMS.ShortArray Defines an array of short integers.
NMS.Thread The Thread class provides multi-threading functionality to scripting platforms.
NMS.VlanConfiguration Defines the settings for a Virtual-LAN in a NMS.Node.
NMS.WEPSecurity Defines the information used by the IEEE 802.11 Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) setting by a Node's downlink interface.
NMS.WPAEnterpriseSecurity Defines the information used for the Wifi Protected Access security setting by a Node's downlink interface in an enterprise environment.
NMS.WPAPersonalSecurity Defines the information used for the Wifi Protected Access (WPA) security setting by a node's downlink interface.